Hyperspace Acquires Glue, Solidifying Leadership in Immersive Enterprise Collaboration

Hyperspace, a leading provider of immersive enterprise metaverse solutions, today announced the acquisition of Glue, a renowned innovator in virtual meeting technology. 

This strategic move strengthens Hyperspace’s comprehensive platform, combining Glue’s robust capabilities for high quality virtual collaboration and co-presence. By combining Glue’s expertise in real-time communication with Hyperspace’s existing suite of virtual events, employee onboarding, and learning solutions, Hyperspace solidifies its position as the go-to provider for all-in-one enterprise metaverse solutions.

“The acquisition of Glue is a significant milestone in our mission to redefine the future of work,” said Danny Stefanic, Hyperspace CEO. “Glue’s technology perfectly complements our existing offerings, allowing us to deliver more value to enterprises with the most advanced tools for connection, collaboration, and productivity in the metaverse.” 

With the addition of Glue, Hyperspace further expands its impressive portfolio, which already includes the proprietary Hyperspace browser-based game engine, MootUp, LearnBrite, UniversalAvatars, ChatMapper AI, Vadr Analytics, Speak it Yourself VR, Dialogflow AI Gateway and Trophio. This step further cements Hyperspace’s leading position in the rapidly evolving landscape of spatial computing solutions for enterprise.

The terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

About Hyperspace

Hyperspace is leading the way in virtual innovation with its no-code metaverse platform. It lets users create stunning 3D events, meetings, and training sessions with ease. Accessible on mobile, desktop, and VR/AR, Hyperspace offers customizable avatars, interactive simulations, and seamless workflow integration. Ideal for educators, businesses, and event planners, Hyperspace transforms virtual spaces into dynamic and engaging experiences. Trusted by global leaders, Hyperspace is redefining collaboration and learning in the digital era. Discover more at Hyperspace.

About Glue

Glue is revolutionizing remote collaboration with immersive virtual reality. It offers realistic 3D spaces where teams can brainstorm, meet, and learn using custom avatars and advanced tools. Glue integrates seamlessly with platforms like Slack and Trello, providing secure and efficient virtual meetings. Designed for industries like healthcare and education, Glue enhances teamwork and productivity in a digital age. Trusted globally, Glue is at the forefront of transforming how we work together, no matter where we are. Discover more at Glue.