Create Your Own Business Metaverse For Events, Training, and Onboarding

Elevate your audience’s engagement with an immersive virtual experience.
Explore limitless customization possibilities with our drag-and-drop editor and a versatile set of 50+ pre-designed templates, anyone on your team can use.

Designed to work seamlessly with phones, tablets, laptops, and VR/AR headsets.

Fully customizable and scalable solution tailored for enterprise companies.

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Accessible through web browsers, ensuring a seamless joining experience on any device with an internet connection from smartphones to AR/VR headsets.


Accessible to everyone, even those with zero experience and no coding skills – our platform requires no prior training.


Easily customize every aspect of the metaverse, creating a unique environment that aligns seamlessly with your brand’s identity.

6X Engagement With Virtual Life like Experiences Instead Of Slides And Quizzes

Transforming learning and training into immersive interactive experiences. Our platform ensures participants feel genuinely present in the educational environment.

No more dull videos, lifeless slides, or mundane quizzes. Now, our learning experiences have come alive. It’s wild how everyone feels like they’re right in the middle of it.

Ripon Ahmed


Real-life Environment Simulation

Simulation technology facilitates training for scenarios that are traditionally limited to live settings, such as medical, construction industry, etc.

Embedded Existing Training Material

Embed content—videos, SCORM, courses, PDFs, webpages, SharePoint, images, and audio—into the immersive environment, to cultivate a dynamic learning atmosphere that captivates and actively involves all participants.

Conversational AI Characters

Transform training into live active voice conversations with AI-driven characters/ actors as virtual customers, patients and more. This promotes dynamic and personalized learning.

Why Choose Hyperspace Metaverse  For Your Immersive Learning Environment?

Because the participants who are involved are:


as likely to develop type 2 diabetes





Engage Your Audience With Virtual  Events That Mirror In-Person Interactions

Elevate the standard virtual event experience by transforming conferences, seminars, workshops, or other gatherings into dynamic, immersive engagements.

Where participants actively engage, breaking away from passive observation.

I would say the difference is the personalization.  I was lucky enough to be able to spend some time in some specific events — like the Women’s Leadership Council —  the breakouts, the speakers, and then some round tables. It created that level of “you’re here, you’re in the moment, you’re authentic” it’s very personal.

Maria Chien

VP, Executive Advisor, Partner Ecosystem Marketing Strategies, Forrester

Distinctive Branding

From logos and images to dynamic content such as videos and AI chatbots, you have the tools to create a unique brand experience that stands out.

Engaging Experience

Now, your visitors can personalize their experience with full-body 3D  avatars, ask questions, and dive into the action, just as they would at a real-life event.

Unlimited Customization

Effortlessly personalize metaverse experiences by integrating gamification, photobooths, expos, breakout rooms, scavenger hunts, 1,000+ gestures, and diverse social interactions, all designed for instant engagement.

Consistent Employee Onboarding 
Experience, Every Single Time

Ensure a smooth introduction of new team members, by providing essential tools and insights, fostering early engagement with the company’s culture and goals.

Enhance the employee onboarding process for engaged, informed new hires.

Switching to immersive metaverse onboarding from traditional e-learning and Zoom sessions has revolutionized our approach to employee training. The unique and impactful learning experience sets a new standard for innovation in our organization.

Ripon Ahmed


Engaging Onboarding Process

While pre-recorded lessons and instructor-led onboarding offer consistency, they often lack the necessary elements to actively engage participants.

AI-driven Personalized Onboarding

Embark on a unique journey with our  AI-driven personalized roadmap, crafting a tailored experience for each participant.

Conversational AI Characters

Transform training into live active voice conversations with AI-driven characters/ actors as virtual customers, patients and more. This promotes dynamic and personalized learning.

Turn Your Marketing Campaigns  Into Unique, Immersive Experiences

Craft an engaging gamified marketing campaign that invites active participation,  ensuring your audience doesn’t just observe but actively joins the experience.

Amplify interaction and make your campaign an unforgettable immersive journey.

Experiencing a brand where you’re the lead character? It made us feel like the protagonists of our own narrative. The gamified marketing campaign wasn’t just about watching – we were part of the action

Ripon Ahmed


Interactive Product Launches

Elevate your marketing strategy by infusing product launches with fun and excitement, offering an immersive experience that engages your audience.

Engaging Experience

Now, your visitors can personalize their experience with full-body 3D  avatars, ask questions, and dive into the action, just as they would at a real-life event.

AI-Driven Script Creation

With AI at your fingertips, create compelling scripts effortlessly and bring them to life with our advanced text-to-speech engine.

Here’s How You Can Create A Branded Metaverse Experience In Minutes

Effortlessly tailor your brand experience using our intuitive drag-and-drop editor and pre-made templates and AI-driven avatars offering unlimited customization options.

Choose a Template that Fits Your Needs

Select from our library of 50+ pre-made templates to find the perfect starting point for your virtual or hybrid experience.

Make It Yours

Customize your template, using the drag-and-drop editor with your logo, branding, and images to create a unique space that reflects your brand identity

Add Your Existing Content

Effortlessly add 3D models, presentations, videos, scripts, product images, and any other learning, event, or marketing materials.

Expand Your Brand’s Metaverse

Launch your metaverse with a key event or training, and then continue to build and expand it over time.

Danny Stefanic

“If you can edit a PowerPoint presentation you can build your own metaverse with Hyperspace.”

AI Chatbot Avatar Integration

Enhance engagement by incorporating avatar chatbots with speech recognition powered by ChatGPT.

VR-ready Solution

Anyone can join using any device, whether it’s a phone, tablet, laptop, or VR/ AR headset.

No Downloads Needed

Everything is web-based. No app downloads, no installations and no third-party tools required.

50+ Predesigned Templates

Utilize pre-designed templates with unlimited customization options.

Intuitive Drag-and-drop Editor

Customize your metaverse with an intuitive editor anyone can use.

No Coding Skills Needed

The entire platform is designed for  use without any coding experience.

Voice AI Engine

Generating speech directly from the embedded text. Supports 50+ languages.

Over 100 Integrations Available

Integrate G-suite, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Matterport, and other platforms, to embed data easily.

High-level Security

Enterprise Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication, and bank-level data privacy and security.

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