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In the ever-evolving world of virtual reality and immersive experiences, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. Hyperspace, a pioneering platform in the metaverse, is transforming the way we conduct trade shows and events. Our CEO, Danny Stefanic, shares invaluable insights in an exclusive interview that you won’t want to miss.

The Journey of Hyperspace

Danny Stefanic has been at the forefront of virtual reality since 1994, starting the Virtual Reality Association in Australia. With over 30 years of experience, Danny’s journey culminated in the creation of Hyperspace, a no-code metaverse platform that integrates learning, events, and a custom 3D engine for web-based immersive experiences.

Understanding Hybrid Events

Danny defines hybrid events as the seamless integration of physical and virtual environments, enhancing engagement through tools like live streaming, Q&A, and 360° videos. This approach not only brings more value to attendees but also offers sponsors higher perceived value through interactive brand presence and lead capture opportunities.

The Power of Immersive Technology

Immersive technology offers deeper engagement and personalization beyond traditional webinars. Attendees can explore, interact, and influence their experience, making each virtual event unique and memorable. This technology is accessible on all devices without requiring additional software, ensuring widespread audience participation.

ROI and Sponsorship Opportunities

Hyperspace’s 3D environments provide unparalleled opportunities for sponsors. Virtual booths, interactive content, and automated follow-ups based on attendee interactions ensure a higher return on investment. Danny introduces the concept of inverted online trade shows, where exhibitors host virtual booths on their own sites, enhancing visibility and engagement.

Quick and Easy Implementation

Setting up on the Hyperspace platform is quick and straightforward with pre-built templates. However, gathering and integrating content from stakeholders may require lead time for more complex events. The platform’s versatility allows it to run on all devices, from web browsers to VR headsets, ensuring no attendee is left out.

Key Takeaways from this Trade Show University Episode

  1. Accessibility and Robustness: Hyperspace solutions are robust, accessible, and adaptable to any device.
  2. Experimentation and Adoption: Event organizers are encouraged to experiment with immersive technologies to avoid being left behind.
  3. Profitable and Sustainable: Hyperspace offers a mature, scalable solution for hybrid and immersive events, emphasizing ease of use and robust capabilities for event organizers.

Watch the Full Interview

Dive deeper into the future of virtual trade shows and events by watching the full interview with Danny Stefanic. Gain insights into how Hyperspace can revolutionize your events, enhance engagement, and provide significant returns on investment.

Watch the Full Interview Here

Connect with Danny Stefanic

For personalized advice and insights from Danny’s 30 years of experience in virtual reality and metaverse development, connect with him on LinkedIn or visit Hyperspace MV for a comprehensive tour of our platform’s capabilities.

Stay ahead in the world of virtual events with Hyperspace – where innovation meets engagement.

About Danny Stefanic

Danny Stefanic is CEO and Founder of the Hyperspace Metaverse Platform. He is renowned for creating the world’s first metaverse and is considered a pioneer in the Metaverse for Business field, having been involved in the creation of ground-breaking 3D businesses for over 30 years. He is also the founder of the world’s first spatial AI learning experience platform - LearnBrite, MootUp – the 3D Metaverse Virtual Events Platform, and founder of 3D internet company ExitReality – the world’s first web metaverse.

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