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Getting Started

Everything you need to know to get started

Learning Simulations

Creating simulations for training with chatbots and environments


Creating and configure virtual meeting rooms


Solve audio & video, screensharing and 3D performance issues

Actions API

Add interactivity to experiences with the actions API

Custom 3D Spaces

Import your own 3D models or 360 scans


How to be a presenter or organizer in the meetings and events


Add interactivity to experiences with the actions API

Tips & Tricks

How-to tips that might be helpful in using the platform

Publish & Embed

How to share your experiences with your audience


Getting started with Gamificationfor tracking and rewarding participants

Gamify Tutorial

Step by step tutorial on setting up a gamification example

Create your own metaverse with immersive and engaging experiences powered by the Hyperspace Metaverse Platform.

Whether you’re building events, meetings, classrooms or micro-learning / instructor led training you can easily design immersive scenarios for mobile, tablet, desktop and VR/AR. Sign up and begin creating today.

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