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Getting Started

Everything you need to know to get started

Learning Simulations

Creating simulations for training with chatbots and environments


Creating and configure virtual meeting rooms


Solve audio & video, screensharing and 3D performance issues

Actions API

Add interactivity to experiences with the actions API

Custom 3D Spaces

Import your own 3D models or 360 scans


How to be a presenter or organizer in the meetings and events


Add interactivity to experiences with the actions API

Tips & Tricks

How-to tips that might be helpful in using the platform

Publish & Embed

How to share your experiences with your audience


Getting started with Gamificationfor tracking and rewarding participants

Gamify Tutorial

Step by step tutorial on setting up a gamification example

Conversation Features

Customizing ChatMapper choices for layout and timed response


Videos, streaming, sharing, webpages and image boards


VR / AR usage and guide to customizing 3D UI

360 Video & Images

360 Image, pre-recorded video, branching and live 360 streaming

Speech Recognition

Conversational choices using speech recognition

Avatars & Bots

Gestures, voices, languages, picture-in-picture

Status Meters and Progressbars

Visual indicators displayed on top of an avatar

Avatar Gestures

Full gestures list, dances, moods and poses


Collect audience feedback and display results as a mediaboard

White Label Branding

Customize logos, thumbnails, splashscreens and more

Blank Space Template

Building your own space from scratch using the blank template


Control speech, ambient music & sound, and special effect SFX


Video capture guide for spaces and events

Exhibition Booths

Customize booths and branding for tradeshows and expos


Use zones for private audio areas and proximity triggers

Breakout Rooms

Split participants into different spaces by number or team


Understanding editor, presenter, VIP, participant & guest roles

Release Notes

List of user-facing changes made to the platform

Sticky Notes

Draggable notes supporting speech recognition

Profile Fields

Expand information collected from participants


Engage participants with question and answer management

Raise Hand

Participants can visibly request attention from presenters

Storage & Files

Upload for your own 3D and media files to use in spaces


Track anything with a stopwatch, countdown or meeting timers

Drag, Drop & Grab

Interacting with items through drag & drop, pick up & grab.

ChatGPT AI Avatars

Natural language conversations with AI through bots

Actions Editor

Configure a series of actions on items in scene


Draw, post notes and download whiteboard shared collaborations

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