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Included in the Hyperspace Metaverse Platform is 1GB of storage for your own media files. These media files can be used in spaces and can include anything from images, audio, videos, 3d files to HTML SCORM packages.

Important note: files uploaded to storage use private URLs to link content into a space. The content is accessible to anyone who has the Storage URL. Storage URLs are not published or available to search engines. Storage URLs rely on security by obscurity meaning they are a) not published and b) not easily guessed. It is not recommended to upload sensitive content to Storage.

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How to upload files to Storage

How to use files in a Space

How to upload files to Storage

Access Storage from your Dashboard account.

If you are presented with a login screen requesting Username and Password, skip that and click the You are already logged in button below it to access your Storage.

By dropping files in the storage browser tab, you can store your personal library of 3D objects, images and sounds to use with your 3D Spaces.

You can also upload a file by

  1. Clicking on the + (plus) icon and
  2. choosing Upload file

How to use files in a Space

Follow these steps to copy and paste your first 3D object in a Scene:

  1. Click the "world" icon on a file to copy its public link to the Clipboard – a notice will be shown when copied

Important Note: once a link to a storage item is used in a 3D space do not move or rename the item in Storage, doing so will break the implicit link and the item will cease to load in the 3D space.

  1. In the 3D environment, click the Pencil+ icon on the top navigation bar and choose Add Content

  1. Paste your link in the text box there and click the green Import button

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