Microsoft Hololens 2

LearnBrite for Hololens enables self-paced instruction with Guides (bots that can provide guidance and collect user behaviour) and Mixed Reality meetings.

  • Requires Hololens 2 or Hololens 1 with minimum RS4 release.
  • Edge browser with WebVR
  • Firefox Reality AR with WebXR
  • Integration with all leading LMS’s
  • Microsoft Sharepoint Integration
  • Support for embedding within Microsoft Dynamics 365


  1. Enable WebVR in Edge, enter about:flags in the browser address bar
  2. Click the goggles icon in the toolbar to enter Immersive mode
  3. Allow Immersive View permission (only required once)

Use Cases

Use bots that operate as instructor guides.

Place interactive items within the world around you.

Authoring Hints

For performance use Scenario version 2.7+

To enable transparency use a black background for the scene. An easy way to do this is assign a black texture to the skybox.

We recommend using the black pixel as the splashscreen image. This will make the background effectively transparent for the 2D Edge window and the title and progress bar will float in space.


Edge browser in Hololens 1 does not support Mixed Reality meetings due to lack of WebRTC support.


Hololens 1 – 

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