LearnBrite glTF with Remix3D and Paint3D

glTF with Remix3D and Paint3D

Expand the variety of your spaces using 3D models from Microsoft Remix3D. Using the glTF 3D file type models can be downloaded from Remix3D, opened in Microsoft’s free Paint 3D program. The models can then be exported in glTF and uploaded to the web for inclusion in your spaces.

Visit Microsoft Remix 3D and search for a model.


Once you have selected a model click the [Edit in Paint 3D] button.


You may be prompted by the browser, if so click the [Open Paint 3D] button

The model will be downloaded automatically and displayed in Microsoft Paint 3D

Click the [Menu] icon.


To make it easy to place items in a space, ensure the object is in the center of the canvas. THis is called the origin (0,0,0) and it determines the base.

Illustrated below you can see the wall item’s base is in the center of the canvas.

Click [Export file] then choose [3D – GLB] export file type.


Choose a file name and save the exported .glb file.

Upload the .glb file to your web server.

Edit your space to add a new custom item. Provide the full URL of the .glb you uploaded to your web server and it will appear in your space.



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