Scenario Finding Items

Finding an Object

Finding an Avatar

Finding a Hotspot

It can be useful to find objects, avatars and hotspots so you can perform actions on them. See Scenario Actions for what you can do once you have found an item.

Finding an Object

By name

var breathalizer = LB.Utils.findItem("breathalizer");

Finding an Avatar

By ChatMapper actor ID

var cop = LB.avatarController.findAvatar({cmID:2});

By name

var avatar = LB.avatarController.findAvatar({name:"Actor2"});

By externalId

var avatar = LB.avatarController.findAvatar({externalId:"57a9b36132633"});

Finding a Hotspot

By spotTag

Example: This will find the hotspot with the parameter spotTag = “player_init”.

var hotspot = LB.navigationController.findMarkersByTag("player_init")

This is the default mode of the function. You can also get all the spots with that spotTag, or a random one.


findMarkersByTag(spotTag, mode)



(required) string identifying the item


(optional) You can find using 3 modes, first, random or all matches.
LB.navigationController.findModes.FIRST(default): Returns the first match

LB.navigationController.findModes.RANDOM: Returns a random one within the matches

LB.navigationController.findModes.ARRAY: Returns all the matches

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