How to Add a SCORM VR Course in Schoox LMS

Schoox LMS has been tested for compatibility with LearnBrite virtual reality courses. Schoox supports SCORM uploading and reporting. Learn more about creating a VR/AR SCORM course with LearnBrite here.

Following is a tutorial on how to deploy your LearnBrite VR/AR SCORM package into the Schoox LMS:

1. Login to Schoox

2. On the Tools menu choose Create Course

3. Choose a Course Title and any other details you’d like to add

4. Choose Quick Tools from the left hand menu and select Edit Lectures

5. Export your SCORM zip from the LearnBrite platform at

6.Choose Upload Scorm in Schoox

7. Select the SCORM zip file you exported from LearnBrite

8. Click Upload

9. Adjust Title and Description to your tastes and click Save

10. Switch the Lecture to Visible using the toggle button

11. Make your Course Visible to Employees or External Members or Schoox Marketplace

12. Choose Training from the top menu in Schoox

13. Click the VR training course to launch it

14. Choose the Lecture activity to step into your VR/AR experience

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