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Adding Data Fields to Profile Panel

To add more data fields to the Profile Panel in the Hyperspace Metaverse Platform, additional JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) strings will need to be entered into the Profile Fields data field in the Experimental Settings panel in the Edit Space screen. The fields that are pre-set within the Profile Panel are:

  • Name
  • Organization
  • Email
  • Role in the organization
  • LinkedIn profile

The JSON code that is pre-populated in the Profile Fields data field is listed below.


When coding a new JSON string for the Profile Fields data field, follow this string example for a Favorite Color field:

{\"name\":\"favorite_color\",\"title\":\"Favorite Color\",\"type\":\"text\",\"placeholder\":\"e.g. Red\"}

This string begins and ends with brackets (i.e., { }). The code highlighted in green are names; the code highlighted in yellow are values. Each name/value pair is separated by a comma. Four name/value pairs–name, title, type, and placeholder–must be present within the string for it to be added to the Profile Panel.

To add the new string to the Profile Fields data field, place a comma behind and in front of the bracketed string before adding it. If the new string is at the end of the Profile Fields code block, a comma is not needed at the end of the string. Below is an example of the JSON string for Organization Headquarters (highlighted in yellow), which will appear between the Organization and Email fields on the Profile Panel.  

{\"name\":\"organization\",\"i19n_title\":\"profile__organization\",\"type\":\"text\",\"i19n_placeholder\":\"profile__your_organization\"},{\"name\":\"organization_headquarters\",\"title\":\"Organization headquarters\",\"type\":\"text\",\"placeholder\":\"e.g. United States\"},{\"name\":\"email\",\"i19n_title\":\"profile__email\",\"type\":\"text\",\"i19n_placeholder\":\"profile__your_email\"}

Advanced JSON field types

The type parameter defines how the field will be shown on profiles to other users.

Available types are

  • text
  • url – uses the action LB.Actions.displayMediaboard({url: <url>});
  • button – appears as a button
  • multiline – a textarea, i.e. an expandable text field

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