Session Recording (2.16-18)

This document applies to versions 2.16 to 2.18

How to Record

Start Recording

Recording in Progress

Stop Recording and Save

Audio Options

System Audio and Conference Audio

Video Output

Version 2.16+ local recording is available to participants with Presenter, Editor or Owner roles. To upgrade a space see the guide here 

Important: Recording is a space feature, if you are traversing a world you must stop recording in the space you started recording, save the recording, move to another space and start recording again.

If you’d like to record your journey across a world of spaces consider using a traditional third-party screen recording software. This will allow uninterrupted recording when moving between spaces.

Recording is only available on Google Chrome for desktop.

Recording is not available on mobile devices or other browsers at this time.

Recording will capture the

  • 3D scene,
  • video in the 3D scene
  • audio

Popup or HTML elements are not captured, such as

  • notifications,
  • avatar name tags,
  • chat history,
  • UI elements,
  • popup windows,
  • subtitles and
  • interactive scenario menus

Recording may impact 3D or computer performance when in progress. This depends heavily on the resources of your computer.

How to Record

Start Recording

  1. Click the triple dot menu in the top right corner of the toolbar
  2. Click Start recording
  3. Configure the audio tracks you want included in the recording
  4. Click the Ok button
  5. Choose Entire Screen tab
  6. Click the image of the screen
  7. Click Share system audio
  8. Click the Share button

Recording in Progress

When recording is in progress a red border will appear around the 3D scene. This only appears for the person doing the capture, other users will not see it.

Stop Recording and Save

  1. Click the triple dot menu
  2. Choose Stop recording
  3. Click the Download video button
  4. Choose where to save your .webm video file

Chrome may display the downloaded file in a toolbar at the bottom of the browser, click the file to play it in your default video player or click the arrow next to it to open the folder on your computer.

Audio Options

Different options are available for the recording as they will impact performance as well as privacy for other users.

System Audio and Conference Audio

No Audio

Conference Audio only

System and Conference Audio

AI Speech, Music and Sound effects in the 3d environment

Conference calls and audio from video or screen sharing

Audio from other tabs or apps


When using the System and Conference Audio option, the screen share tool from the browser will be launched. The user can select to share the whole desktop (including audio from other tabs or apps) or just the active tab (including audio only for the actual tab). It’s worth noting that capturing system audio will have a bigger impact on performance.

Video Output

When the recording is finished, a video file will be ready for the user to download.

Video resolution: Video resolution matches the size of the captured window

Video container: webm

Video codec: VP9

Audio codec: Opus Audio @ 48000 Hz

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