ChatGPT AI Avatars

ChatGPT AI Avatars Integration

ChatGPT features are available in the Hyperspace Metaverse Platform version 3.0+

ChatGPT AI avatars work on AR, VR and desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile devices.

ChatGPT AI avatars support speech recognition and text to speech for natural language conversations in immersive environments providing a powerful spatial computing experience.

Integration guide

ChatGPT prompt suggestions

Triggering a Hyperspace Action

Allowing ChatGPT to finish conversations

Integration guide

  1. Click the Pencil+ toolbar icon
  2. Choose Add bot

Choose a bot from your bot library

Click the settings (cog) icon on the bot

Under Advanced > Chat AI Integration click the Edit details button

In the editor popup check the box This bot is driven by AI

For the Engine choose ChatGPT

For User input type choose Speech Recognition

Under API key enter your ChatGPT API key

For the AI Model

  1. Click the Pick ChatGPT Model button
  2. Click the Select drop down list
  3. Choose gpt-3.5-turbo (or other model if you wish)
  4. Click the Select button

In the Context text field type or paste the prompt that will provide context for the conversation

Optionally add a Hyperspace action to execute whenever a bot is “thinking”, that is while waiting for a response from the AI API. Actions could include showing a progress bar or triggering a thinking getsure for the bot.

Eg. Action to play while waiting

{"action":"displayImage", "url":"", "position":"center","lifetime":"2","altText":"thinking","pauseConversation":"False","showCloseButton":"False"}

Check the box Continue conversation after response. Unless you want to have the user click the bot each time they want to continue the conversation, in that case leave it unchecked.

Click Save on the popup

IMPORTANT: Also click Save item on the bot properties popup

Click Stop editing in the top left corner to go back to interaction mode

Now when you click the bot to start an AI conversation.

An orange microphone icon will appear in the middle of the screen and beep to let you know its ready to accept speech input

Once the speech is recognized the microphone icon will turn green and the bot will respond shortly after

The bot will speak using text to speech and subtitles will appear at the bottom of the screen


ChatGPT prompt suggestions

Triggering a Hyperspace Action

It is possible with clever prompting to trigger Hyperspace actions through ChatGPT


Objective: Encourage qualified leads to book a live platform demo. When a lead is qualified and ready to book a demo, output the following {displayIframe action syntax} verbatim without any alterations:  [action:"displayIframe", url:"", header:"Choose a date & time for a free demo tour!"]

Allowing ChatGPT to finish conversations

ChatGPT can finish the conversation by instructing it to attach the special command “#finish” to its response. When the dialog engine receives the command embedded in the bot’s response, it will finish the conversation after that response. An example on how to make ChatGPT include the command when it wants to finish the conversation is following (you can add this to the end of your prompt):

When the conversation is over, you say goodbye politely and attach the expression #finish to your sentence.

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