As a metaverse event organizer announcements make it easy to inform and direct participants. This feature is sometimes called a megaphone.

They can be used to inform participants of upcoming sessions, breaks, prizes and even sponsorship messages.

Announcements make it easy to inform all participants at once. They appear as text messages in the chat area and can be spoken using text to speech in 50 language accents.

Spoken messages mean that even if a participant is not watching the chat area or browser tab they can hear the message.

Owners, editors or presenters can send messages visible in the chat area to every participant

  • For worlds, the message will reach all participants across all spaces in that world
  • For standalone spaces all participants in the room will receive the message

How to broadcast an announcement

The announcement feature is available in the side menu.

  1. Choose Announcements from the side menu
  2. Write the text of what you’d like displayed to all participants of your world (all spaces in a world will receive the announcement in the chat panel)
  3. Click the Make announcement button

Spoken Announcements

Using text to speech in one of 50 languages allows you to have the announcement read out aloud. This has the benefit of attracting participants' attention even if they are not focussed on the metaverse experience.

  1. Write your announcement
  2. Click the Advanced option
  3. Check the Read message aloud to recipient(s)
  4. Choose a voice you’d like to use (a preview play button is available to hear what it will sound like before you send it)
  5. Click the Make announcement button

Restrict the Announcement to the Current Space in a World

You may not want to send an announcement across your whole world, instead you may want to only make an announcement to participants in the current space you are in.

  1. Write your announcement
  2. Click the Advanced option
  3. Uncheck the Send to all spaces within this world
  4. Click the Make announcement button

Send a Clickable Action in an Announcement

It’s possible to send an action with an announcement. If a participant clicks the announcement in the chat panel it will execute the action.

For example we can send a display popup survey action with an announcement

  1. Write your announcement
  2. Click the Advanced option
  3. Write or paste an action in the Attach action text area
  4. Click the Make announcement button

The announcement appears and the participant can click on it

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