BlueJeans Events in VR

BlueJeans Events is a platform that enables presenters to interact over video and stream their event to thousands of viewers. It is a solution for all-hands meetings, webinars and large-scale events. Present from a computer or a room system and watch or listen via desktop, mobile or room connection – providing access for everyone, no matter where they are.

MootUp further enhances the BlueJeans Events experience into 3D environments on desktop, tablet mobile and VR/AR devices. Allowing each participant to engage in a unique experience, presented as avatars, with full control over their perspective and journey.

There are two ways to combine BlueJeans events, the first is easy to set up and offers more interactive elements of the BlueJeans event platform such as Polls. While the second provides the ability to directly broadcast into 3D giving much more immersion and presence, but limits audience interaction.

BlueJeans Event Popup Embed

Create your event as usual.

On the events page hover over your event

  1. Click the triple dot (. . .) menu
  2. Choose Embed Video

  1. Adjust the width to recommended 1080 px
  2. Uncheck Apply Customization
  3. Add to the domain whitelist
  4. Click the Generate URL button

Click the Copy URL button

Add a Mediaboard in the 3D space

  1. Click the Pencil+ icon in the top right toolbar
  2. Choose Add mediaboard from the menu

  1. Choose the Embed HTML option
  2. Paste the URL code you copied from BlueJeans
  3. Click the Create button

A mediaboard will appear in the 3D space

Place the mediaboard where you want

Replace the default link image with a BlueJeans call to action

  1. Edit the settings of the mediaboard (either click on the settings/cog icon on the 3D board or use Pencil+ menu and Show items list to find the mediaboard)
  2. Change the diffusemap to

Click Stop editing to go back into participant mode

Clicking on the screen as a participant will launch the BlueJeans Event in an pop over the 3D event space.

See the BlueJeans support site for more detailed information and supported browsers.

Broadcast into 3D/VR

Note: This feature is not available on the BlueJeans Trial even though they say to contact support to enable the feature.

To enable Broadcasting in 3D/VR with your MootUp service, please contact MootUp Support team at supplying the Space ID where you wish to broadcast into.

You will be provided with a Streaming URL & Streaming Key

Create your event as usual, as the organizer Start the event

  1. Click the Start Broadcast button
  2. Click the Select Platform menu
  3. Choose the Custom menu option

Click the Continue button

Enter the following details

  1. Streaming URL
  2. Streaming Key
  3. Live Streaming Page URL (not required, can be left blank)


Rather than send BlueJeans email invitations, you will need to send invitations or links to the 3D World/Space from MootUp.

See the BlueJeans support site for more detailed information and limitations.

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