How to add Virtual Reality and Hybrid experiences to a 6Connex virtual event

6Connex powers virtual events and environments for career fairs, employee onboarding, user conferences, corporate universities and other applications. The 100-percent SaaS virtual destination platform is backed by a team of passionate virtual event experts, dedicated to both market innovation and customer success. For more information, visit

First grab the URL to your 3D Event World

Click on the Worlds menu

  1. Click the triple dot menu on your world’s tile
  2. Choose Export from the menu

  1. Expand the URL export panel
  2. Click the clipboard icon to copy the World URL

Login to the 6Connex virtual events platform

Go to the Content Library in the 6Connex platform

Choose to Add Content

  1. Select the Link Content Type
  2. Paste the World URL
  3. Choose a target
  4. Select Normal
  5. Check “Pass User Data To Target”

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