Integrating VR/AR with Wowza


Vmix Configuration

Zoom Configuration


Sign up / sign in to 

Click on live streams from the upper left menú and click “add Live stream”

Enter a name and choose location

Choose Video source, depending on the software / source you will use, for example Vmix

Choose playback settings, by default you can leave them as they are

On next screen: “Hosted Page Settings”, select “No”

Hit “Next”, “finish”

You will see this screen, with a connection code:

Vmix Configuration

In Vmix ( ), select streams, then select wowza, and paste the connection code

Start the live stream, and then use the HLS url to paste in a mediaboard

Zoom Configuration

Ensure you have enabled Custom stream in your Zoom account

To enable all members of your organization to livestream meetings with a custom livestream service:

  1. Sign in to the Zoom website
  2. Go to Account Management and then select Account Settings
  3. Click the Meeting tab
  4. In Meeting (Advanced), verify that Allow livestreaming of meetings is enabled
  5. Select the Custom Live Streaming Service check box
  6. Click Save to save the changes

Add a stream mediaboard

  1. Paste the HLS URL in the field
  2. Click Import

Resize and place the new streaming mediaboard where you wish

Stop editing

Click on the new mediaboard to control playback options

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