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The Participants menu is part of the UI in the 3D environment, and allows managing the users currently within the same space or world. It can be accessed through the “more” menu, in the top right corner of the interface.


  1. Space/World tabs: switch between viewing users in your space and users in all spaces in the world.
  2. Usernames: this includes a checkbox to select a specific username. Your own name, as well as dial-in users, cannot be selected
  3. Space actions: select all users within that space, or teleport yourself to that space
  4. Single-user actions: actions that apply only to the specific user in that row (described below)
  5. Select all/none: for bulk-selection and deselection across all spaces in the list
  6. Multiple-user actions: actions that apply to all selected users

To each user a variety of actions can be applied:

  • Profile: open the user’s profile
  • Add: send a contact request
  • Whisper: send a private message
  • Send to: send the user to another space, and to breakout rooms. The user can decline.
  • Mute: mute a user in the audio call. Works for both built-in conferencing and Zoom.
  • Unmute: ask a user to turn on their microphone (they can decline). Works for both built-in conferencing and Zoom.
  • Call: ask a user to join the current audio call (they can decline). Works for both built-in conferencing and Zoom.
  • Kick: remove a user from the space/world.

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