Using Sketchfab 3D Models in WebXR

Sketchfab is a platform to empower 3D creators. They make it easy for anyone to upload, publish, embed, buy, sell, and find 3D content online. With a community of millions of creators who have published millions of models, they are the largest platform for immersive and interactive 3D content.

Using Sketchfab models via search

Using models from the Sketchfab Store

Using Sketchfab models via search

Note: The search engine is limited to models less than 150k vertices for performance considerations. You can still use larger models, however you will need to download them in glTF format from Sketchfab directly and place them online (Cloud storage is included with the Hyperspace Metaverse Platform).

As an editor

  1. Click the Pencil+ icon in the top right toolbar
  2. Choose Add content from the menu

Search for a model

  1. Type in the search field
  2. Click on the picture of the model to add it to the space

The model can be resized and rotated using the blue controls

Using models from the Sketchfab Store

Login to Sketchfab

Under Purchases find the model and choose Download

Click the Download button for the glTF format

Save the glTF zip file on your local device

Unzip the file to show its files and folders

Upload the unzipped folder and files (retaining its original folder & file structures and names) to the Hyperspace Metaverse Platform’s included cloud storage or your own server.

Copy the URL of the uploaded scene.gltf file

Paste the URL into the Hyperspace Metaverse Platform

  1. Pencil+ > Add content
  2. Paste the URL in the search field
  3. Click the Import button

The 3D item will appear in the space ready to be positioned

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